Jim L. Wilson started preaching when he was 17 and became a pastor when he was 18. 

Today, he is a  Professor of Leadership Formation and the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Gateway Seminary.

Wilson is an award winning writer with hundreds of  pieces in print and the author, co-author or contributor to more than twenty books. His sermons and sermon illustrations appear in WordSearch, Accordance and Logos Bible Software.

Impact Preaching, by Jim Wilson, Gregg Watson, Michael Kuykendall, and David Johnson is now available.

“If  you  long  to  preach  God’s  Word  with  the  exact  meaning  and  full  impact  of  the  text  intact,  this  book  is  for  you.  Without resorting to contrived outlines or forced alliteration, sermons should pulsate with Scripture. This carefully researched volume, balanced with years of preaching experience by its contributors, offers fresh insights into allowing the biblical text to speak forcefully and practically in our generation.”

—Jeff Iorg, President, Gateway Seminary


“Grounded on a high view of Scripture, solid hermeneutics, and decades of pastoral experience,  this  clear  and  practical  volume  stresses  that  the  goal  of  expository  preaching is not only to make the point of the passage the point of the sermon but also to strive to allow the form of the passage to inform the form and point of the sermon. In doing so, the authors offer a rationale for, and approach to, and give helpful advice for preaching one-point expository sermons.”

—Christopher Morgan, Dean and Professor of Theology,

School of Christian Ministries, California Baptist University, Riverside

This book helps preachers keep the meaning and impact of the biblical text intact throughout all hermeneutical and homiletical processes. It does so with a view toward  crafting  the  less  familiar  one-point  expository  message  rather  than  the  more  common three-point sermon, or verse-by-verse approach.


Combining their backgrounds as homiletic and biblical studies professors, the authors help readers identify which biblical texts fit the one-point expository sermon structure, explain how to develop one-point sermons, and provide sermon samples that illustrate the approach for each major genre of the Bible.

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Impact Preaching